One Republic - Counting Stars (Cover por Nathalia Bacci)

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nat + smirking

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chris evans filmography

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5 Wrestling How To’s- 1/5
 How to successfully win a game of musical chairs- by Chris Jericho 
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Don’t go where I can’t follow

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I love how she’s like ‘Steve, your heroism and determination is admirable and rather attractive, but THIS IS A REALLY SHIT PLAN’

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I guarantee SummerSlam will be the end for you…    

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There’s The Brock Lesnar Guy


There’s The ‘Undertaker Lost At Wrestlemania ’ Guy


Now We Have A Brie Bella Guy


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Earlier in the day, I had a meeting. Michael Hayes finds me, and he says “Vince and I need to talk to you.” So I walk in and sit down..

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